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Focus is a funny thing.  It comes and goes like the wind, changing courses and intensity levels as quickly as it disappears.  Sometimes it’s a cold, brisk wind.  Others, it’s a humid breeze bringing a thunderstorm with it.  But always, it is changing.

My focus has shifted back and forth a lot over the past year.  I’ll read an article on Appalachian Trials <clicky> that gets me excited, and my focus will intensify for a while.  But like most of my life, a distraction will come along and make that focus shift to something else.  And in doing so, the introspective part of my brain (which, by all accounts, is probably the majority of my brain…) starts analyzing every hidden meaning and implication of these focus shifts.  It’ll wear you out quick, trust me.

But with my trip WAY less than two months away, I need to straighten and strengthen my focus on one thing – doing whatever I need to do to start and finish an Appalachian Trail Thru Hike.  Hmm… now that I say it, maybe I should just focus on the four bajillion LITTLE things I have to do before I can go after that Thru hike… yeah, that stresses me out a little less.

Hiking… err, Cross Training!

While I still go for some walks, I will be honest – not as many as I should.  First of all, the only time I have had free in the past month have been early early mornings – and my bed is so comfy warm – or late evenings – windy, cold, and dark evenings.  However, I have gotten in some “cross training”.

I went snowboarding for the first time ever, and had a blast!  Sure, I was sore the next day (week…) and my butt hurt from falling down so much, but I am hooked.  I have been a downhill skier since I was a teenager, although I have not actually gone in quite some time.  And I never quite caught the bug for snowboarding.  Growing up, the boarders were always the “anti” crowd… anti-rules, anti-authority, and often anti-shower.  Wasn’t my scene.  But now I completely see why so many people like to snowboard!

As torture to myself, I have begun to do stairs.  Not just the once-up from the car to my apartment, but actually going top to bottom to top to bottom to top… monotonously over and over.  I started with a simple goal – go until the knee feels stressed.  And every time I add a few more trips up and down.  I know I need to do a bit more in other aspects of the training, but at least my knee muscles are feeling stronger.

I attending a private yoga session a few weeks ago, and while I did not get out of it what I had hoped, it did show me the benefits of such a practice.  However, I do not understand the poses enough to do it on my own, so I have reverted back to my high school football training and have started doing some direct stretching exercises daily.  I’ve always heard people say how much it helps maintain flexibility and such, but always just brushed it off as something that is better for people who already have some flexibility.  Never really thought of it as a way to increase flexibility, and now that I am doing it, it feels good.

I have a post about all my Christmas present plunders in the works, but am still looking for other topic ideas.  But as a head’s up, I start my Paramedic recertification class soon, so a lot of my free time will need to be devoted to that.

If you have any comments, advice, or ANY TOPIC SUGGESTIONS, please use the comment box below or use the Contact Me page up top.

Until next time, remember to “Spin the Compass.”