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AOPA Open House

WARNING:  This is an off-topic post.  If you are only interested in backpacking-themed posts, then ignore this one.

AOPA Open House

One of my loves – albeit unappeased – is aviation.  Anything aviation.  Books.  Movies.  Posters.  Little toy models.  Airports.  And of course, actual airplanes.  I am the guy that doesn’t fly very often but when I do, I get there three hours early, find a window with a big plane nearby, and sit down and stare, photograph and dream.  And I am usually not alone when doing so.

Luckily for me, the national organization for pilots, the Airplane Owners and Pilots Association, calls my city home.  Recently, they had an airport open house and fly in, so of course I went!  And yes, I am a little excited… with the long hours I have been working lately, finding ANY time to enjoy something was wonderful!

I figured I would share a few pics from the Open House and spread my love of aviation.

AOPA Open House 12_small

The view of the field from the AOPA Offices.

The view of the field from the AOPA Offices.

The Wall of Covers.

The Wall of Covers.

AOPA Open House 03_small

AOPA Open House 04_small

AOPA Open House 05_small

AOPA Open House 06_small

AOPA Open House 07_small

Yes, this is a privately owned fighter jet.  Guns not included.

Yes, this is a privately owned fighter jet. Guns not included.

AOPA Open House 09_small

AOPA Open House 10_small

AOPA Open House 11_small

AOPA Open House 13_small

AOPA Open House 16_small

AOPA Open House 22_small

AOPA Open House 23_small

One of the reasons I REALLY wanted to go to the Open House was because there was a World War II B-17 Bomber there.  Aluminum Overcast was on-site, allowing walk-through tours, and if you were wealthy enough, actual flights.  She was quieter than I thought she would be, with those four big radial engines, but what a beauty to watch glide in for a landing.

AOPA Open House 14_small

AOPA Open House 15_small

AOPA Open House 17_small

AOPA Open House 18_small

AOPA Open House 19_small

AOPA Open House 20_small

AOPA Open House 21_small

High Rock

Lest you think I don’t get outside anymore, I also did a little (key word, LITTLE) hiking the same day as the airshow.  A friend took me to a local viewpoint near the A.T. called High Rock and while we can drive right to the overlook, we walked down the blue blaze trail for a while (mostly to get out of the cold wind) before we ran out of time and had to turn around.  I was hoping we would make it to the A.T. so I could see my first white blaze, but it wasn’t to be on this day.

I love trees like this.

I love trees like this.

A surprisingly clear day for this area.

A surprisingly clear day for this area.

High Rock 03_small

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