One Year Later

While this will not post for a few days, I am writing this on the first anniversary of my motorcycle accident.

My return to the beach...

My return to the beach…

This weekend, I returned to the scene of the accident, and while my gut did its own little twist and roll dance as I drove past, I was able to finally put this chapter of the accident behind me.  I had a great weekend with a few of the club members, and left feeling much better about where I am.

I have spent the majority of today reflecting on the past year, and all that has changed in my life.  I have gone from a healthy, strong young man, to a cranky old man with all the creaks and groans that come with the title.  I have found and lost love.  I have discovered who my real friends are and who just pretends to care.  And I have redefined my goals in life and am undergoing some extreme changes to my lifestyle, such as this thru hike.  And through it all, I am constantly reminded how lucky I am and how far I have come.  I know I have a lot more work ahead of me, and a lot more changes to go through, but I am renewed with confidence in myself and am ready to take those challenges on.  Thank you to all who have supported me during this process, and who will continue to support me through my expedition.  I will always be thankful for you, your kindness, and your efforts.

Special thanks to my family for putting up with me; to Nancy and Jenn for helping me with rehabbing my knee so quickly; to Helene for being true to herself, even if it means saying goodbye to me; to Val and Angela and Emily for each of your individual support systems; to Ron and the rest of the motorcycle club for not letting me park the bike permanently; to Rose for getting me off the couch all summer and making me be more active; to Becki for your unending knowledge and support.  You have all made a huge impact.  Thank you.

Here’s to a lot more adventures and fun.  Thank you for following along.  Until next time, remember to “Spin the Compass”.


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