Urban Adventures

(NOTE:  This post is out-of-order when compared to other posts, but the other posts were more time-sensitive… )

On a recent weekend, I was not able to get into the woods.  Instead, I visited my sister and her family in New York City.  As much of a “country boy” as I feel, I completely love the NYC.  There is such an energy there, with something to see or do pretty much 24-7.  I know the city is not for everyone, and I am not saying I want to live there permanently, but there is a huge part of me that likes being there from time to time, and could even see myself living there for a few years.  But not yet…

To those that scoff that I traded a weekend in the woods for a weekend in the city, I tell you this.  First and foremost – family comes first.  And chasing a two year old niece is the absolute best way to spend your weekend!  Secondly, if you think I did not “get my workout” for the weekend, you had better BITE YOUR TONGUE!  Chasing said niece for 36 hours was more energy-depriving than ANY hike I have ever done.  Believe me, I got my workout in.

I enjoy walking through the city, too.  Camera in hand, I know I look like a tourist (which I am…) but I do not care.  The beautiful skyscrapers set against a cloudless sky; Architectural details screaming to be viewed and admired; masses of people streaming up and down the streets; the fire trucks and ambulances making their presence known.  No matter where you go or what you are interested in, there is always something worth seeing, worth photographing.  I think that is why I enjoy the city so much – every time I go, there is something new to see.


Our Plugged-In Lives

Ever look around when you are out in public?  It is sad to see how many people are glued to their cell phones, tablets and laptops.  Walking through a beautiful park this weekend, with flowers blooming, the birds chirping, and kids playing in the sun, there were benches of parents with their heads down, thumbs typing away.  When did we decide the online world was more important than what adventures our children were having right in front of our noses?  I was happy to put my smartphone in my pocket and keep chasing the niece around.  And I know that she was happy that I did – her smile and the laughter pouring out of her was way better than any text or email I might have been reading.  Take my advice, put the electronics down and live in the present.

I have a few more posts “in the works” and hope to get them finished up soon, so keep an eye out.  I am also working on setting up my social media sites to better broadcast new posts and such.  Correction:  They are set up; they just need to be refined.  If you care to look, I have Facebook and Twitter accounts set up – use the Follow Me links up top.  If you have any comments, advice, or topic suggestions, please use the comment box below or use the Contact Me page up top.

Until next time, remember to “Spin the Compass.”


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