Book Review: Barefoot Sisters Southbound

In an effort to keep active on the blog in between gear testing and weekend trips, I thought I would add a few book reviews into the mix.  While I plan to limit the books reviewed to those that are somewhat applicable to an Appalachian Trail Thru Hike, I do have an extensive library, and am constantly adding to it, so if there is a specific book you would like me to review, send me a message or comment on this post, and I will be sure to get a review added as soon as I can.

Barefoot Sisters Southbound


To start out this series, I thought I would review a book that I just finished, as it is still fresh in my mind.  That book is Barefoot Sisters Southbound by Lucy “Isis” and Susan “jackrabbit” Letcher.  My initial reaction is that this book is an amazing read.  It follows the authors from Maine to Georgia during their Summer of 2000 (and Spring of 2001) Southbound hike of the A.T.  The two Barefoot Sisters acquire their nickname due to their love of walking sans shoes, and each author takes turns writing about their Thru Hike, with each clearly labeled so you know who is “talking.”  It does take a bit to get used to the back-and-forth writing styles, but once you do, the book flows smoothly and you get a real sense of each author’s personalities and perspectives.  Once I got into the storyline, I had a hard time putting down my Kindle!

Anyone who enjoys reading a travel journal will enjoy this book, as it delves into both the actual activities (aka town shenanigans) and the mental thought processes that one goes through while attempting this long-term trek.  While not really meant to be an instructional book, it is peppered with tidbits of information that will prove helpful to anyone planning a Thru Hike.

I highly recommend the book, if for no other reason than it is a good, entertaining read that is well-written and filled with humor, drama, insight and perspective.  The moment I finished this book, I ordered their second, Barefoot Sisters Walking Home.  Look for a review on that soon.

I would love to hear from you, whether it is about this book or another one you recommend.  Please send me a comment below, or use the Contact Me page up top.

Until next time, remember to “Spin the Compass.”


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